Deliver Value

Deliver Value
9/2/2014 4:36:25 PM

Part of the fun of working at a place like Clear Measure is it’s investment in it’s people and the industry space that we work in.  We are actively creating a calendar which all sorts of good visualizations around patterns, practices, and other often missed ideals of engineering and customer service.  I was tinkering with a visualization of what “delivering value” might look like and came up with this concept.


A business person takes their town car in for a tune up.  They are told by the shop that the tune up will be $1000 and convince the customer of various needs.  The customer comes back to pick up their car and on top of the tune up find that a massive lift and 30” tires have been added to their luxury vehicle. 

It is amazing to me how often this happens to software customers.  A customer asks for a button that performs a task.  In getting that business value they also get a bunch of other bells and whistles that were “perceived needs” by the development team.  This usually degrades the delivered value either immediately or in the future from a supportability perspective.

If you think they need it – tell the customer.  Get their buy off.  Sell it to them and ensure that they know what they are getting into.  If you can’t sell it – they probably don’t need it!


This developer:


What he added to the product:


The customer:


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