Things that should be fixed in PowerShell

Things that should be fixed in PowerShell
9/4/2014 7:33:41 PM

I find myself working in powershell a lot lately.  It’s great-ish.  It is odd to me though that the command console has been around for so many years.  And for all those years they never enabled simple helpful things like ctrl+v.  Instead you get a carrot and a v.  Eh?  You are forced to navigate through the menus to get a paste feature.  Or right click on the screen which means paste.  But to make things worse someone thought it would be a good idea to build the newest and shiniest command console – PowerShell – also without pasting capabilities.  And the cherry on top is that by default PowerShell also ships with a hidden cursor.  Really?  Hidden?


Once you fix this issue with the following command…

[Console]::CursorSize = 25

…you get what you would have expected.  Oddly enough, the default behavior is a cursor size of 0.  When you try to set a cursor size of 0 on your own (after fixing the invisible cursor) you get an error.  As if the creator of the PowerShell console felt that setting your cursor to 0 would be a lame idea…once which shouldn’t be allowed.

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