AzureAustin - Lots of great new Azure services and more

AzureAustin - Lots of great new Azure services and more
9/15/2014 12:32:01 PM

Please let me know if you find any interesting content that would be appreciated by this group in a weekly newsletter.  Even better - if you made that content send it my way!  Also, if you are interested in presenting feel free to reach out to me and I will get you scheduled.  Would your company like to sponsor the user group?  All we need is pizza and sugar water in exchange for a few minutes with a captive audience!

New Azurians:

Grant Rostig, Thomas Mullaly, Colin Pear, Arulraja Livingston, Miguel Gonzalez, Scott Dockendorf

Azure info for the week:

Web Casts

- Azure advanced web hosting plans

- Azure Websites - Java runs great in azure

Pod Casts

- The maturing of Azure


- Advanced Encoding Features in Azure Media Encoder

- Introduction to Microsoft Azure DocumentDB

- How to create a DocumentDB account

- Query with DocumentDB SQL

- New DocumentDB NoSQL Service, New Search Service, New SQL AlwaysOn VM Template, and more

- Announcing the 0.4.0beta preview of microsoft azure webjobs sdk

- Azure IaaS Cost Estimator

- Azure Search and the reddog search client

- Microsofts 5 year move to azure

- A Boost in Security for Azure SQL Database: Auditing

- Azure HDInsight makes HBase (NoSQL database) a GA Feature


- RedDog.Search (for Azure Search)


- DocumentDB release!

- Azure service outages plauge azure cloud


- Scott Gu free ebook "Building cloud apps with azure"

- Microsoft Azure courses


- If you like building cutting edge apps targeted for Auzre come apply at the coolest engineering shop in Austin - Clear Measure!  We are always looking for talented people.

- Others listed on Indeed!

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