AzureAustin - weekly update of all things Azure

AzureAustin - weekly update of all things Azure
9/15/2014 9:09:15 PM

Don’t forget that this week, Wednesday at 6pm at the Microsoft campus, we will be having our first in person meetup for AzureAustin.  This should be somewhat exciting if for no other reason than getting to see everyone in the group in person.  We have grown to 70 members now!

As it turns out, I will be presenting this week!  I am going to dig into the new Azure Search and DocumentDB stuff.  We will take a look at how to do the standard concepts of creating and managing data in those data stores as well as how to interact with that data.

As always - please let me know if you find any interesting Azure content that would be appreciated by this group in a weekly newsletter.  Even better - if you made that content send it my way for some quick traffic!  Also, if you are interested in presenting feel free to reach out to me and I will get you scheduled.  Would your company like to sponsor the user group?  All we need is pizza and sugar water in exchange for a few minutes with a captive audience!

Next month we are likely to have a visit from Dustin Kirkland (Ubuntu Cloud Solutions Product Manager and Strategist at Canonical Ltd).  I recently saw a presentation of him demoing the Orange Box and JuJu to spin up very complex environments with ease.  We are chatting about a similar discussion pertaining to Azure.  Cross your fingers.

New Azurians:

We are now at 70 members!  Awesome growth.  Keep it coming!

Anindya Basu, Chey Penmetsa, Stephen Balkum, Anand Mangal, Zeeshan Ahmad, Arunkumar Keserla, Inessa, Rick Allen

Azure info for the week:


· (must read) Scottgu: Azure SQL Databases, API Management, Media Services, (web sites), Role Based Access Control, (and alerting)

· The apiphany epiphany: GA’ing Azure API management

· PowerShell DSC in Chef Client

· Announcing long term retention for azure backup

· Azure SQL Database introduces new near real-time performance metrics

· Announcing public availability of azure media services content protection services

Web Casts

· Azure Friday: Azure DocumentDB 101 with Ryan CrawCour

· Azure Friday: Azure DocumentDB 102 with Ryan CrawCour

· Video: Pier 1 Imports uses Azure ML to build a better relationship with their customers

· Episode 153: WebJobs with Pranav Rastogi

· Cloud Cover 152: Azure search with liam cavanagh

· Cloud Cover 151: Azure Maching Learning with Parmita Mehta

Pod Casts

· Episode 43 – Under the Covers


· Chef Brings DevOps Platform and Practices to Windows and Microsoft Azure

· Chef Releases Chef 12 to Power DevOps Practices in the Enterprise – PowerShell DSC

· How to host a scalable and optimized wordpress for azure in minutes

· Introducing: Azure media indexer

· Azure media services launches proven live streaming platform

· DASH Live streaming with azure media services

· Getting started with azure backup


· A search for “azure snippets” returned this:

· A windows service that can run powershell scripts continuously or N times.  Currently used for running long running tests for ever.


· Scott Gu free ebook "Building cloud apps with azure"

· Microsoft Azure courses


· If you like building cutting edge apps targeted for Auzre come apply at the coolest engineering shop in Austin - Clear Measure!  We are always looking for talented people.

· Others listed on Indeed!

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