AzureAustin - weekly update of all things Azure

AzureAustin - weekly update of all things Azure
9/22/2014 3:23:05 PM

Last week was great fun. We got to see Andrew Siemer (me) present on the topic of Azure Search and DocumentDB. Next month we have a couple of people that have potentially raised their hands to speak…but are not yet entirely confirmed. If you are interested in sharing with the group let me know!  Here is the code and slides from last weeks presentation:

Thank you goes to Clear Measure for stepping up to sponsor the event last week. If you know of anyone that is interested in sponsoring the AzureAustin group please send them my way. I would like to rotate the sponsorship of the event from time to time. Share the love!

New Azurians (72 total):

Merwant Chinta, Joe Daily, Rick Allen

Azure info for the week:

Web Casts

- Azure Redis Cache 101 – Introduction to Redis

- Azure Redis Cache 102 – Application Patterns

Pod Casts

- Episode 44 – Docker & Kubernetes


- Microsoft Machine Learning Hackathon 2014

- Extensibility and R Support in the Azure ML Platform

- Microsoft brings Hadoop to China with the Public Preview of HDInsight

- Azure Media Services RTMP Support and Live Encoders

- Enabling CDN for Azure Websites

- Azure Automation: Controlling Runbook Streams for Testing and Troubleshooting

- Azure Media Services now supported by JW Player

- Scale is never a problem with Azure Websites

- Azure Websites Virtual Network Integration

- Getting Started with Azure Management Libraries for Java


- Not entirely AZURE…but nice: Jump-Location – A Change Directory (CD) PowerShell command that reads your mind


- Scott Gu free ebook "Building cloud apps with azure"

- Microsoft Azure courses


- If you like building cutting edge apps targeted for Auzre come apply at the coolest engineering shop in Austin - Clear Measure!  We are always looking for talented people.

- Others listed on Indeed!

Last Week’s Outages (status)

9/22 Management Portal - Multi-Region - Advisory

From 22 Sep, 2014 11:06 to 15:00 UTC a subset of customers may have experienced intermittent issues logging in to the Management Portal, or seen Error 503 when logging in. A subset of customers may have also seen Error 503 if they refreshed their successfully logged-in instance of the Management Portal. In both cases, a retry of the login operation would likely have resulted in a successful connection. Engineers have validated that full Management Portal connectivity has been restored to the subset of impacted customers. This incident has now been mitigated.

9/22 Management Portal - Multi-Region - Partial Service Interruption

From 11:06 - 11:39 UTC on 22 September, 2014 a subset of customers using Management Portal in multiple regions may have experienced an error when attempting to log into their Management Portal. This incident has now been mitigated.

9/20 Network Infrastructure - Southeast Asia - Partial Service Interruption

From 20th Sep, 2014 at 2:17 AM to 3:35 AM UTC a subset of customers using Azure Services in Southeast Asia may have experienced connectivity issues due to an interruption to our Network Infrastructure. If you encountered any errors please retry your request. This incident has now been mitigated.

9/17 Network Infrastructure - West Europe, North Central US and South Central US

This incident has now been mitigated. As of 17 Sept, 2014 14:41 to 18:18 UTC we experienced interruption to portions of the Network Infrastructure in North Central US, South Central US and West Europe. Some customers in the affected regions might experience errors while accessing Azure resources, such as Storage, SQL Database, Cache Services, Websites, Azure Preview portal, API Management. Preliminary investigations indicate that a portion of network infrastructure which routes network traffic was in a degraded state, and engineers implemented a configuration change to mitigate the issue.

9/16 Cloud Services and Virtual Machines (Service Management) - North Europe - Advisory

This incident is now resolved. From 16th Sep, 2014 at approximately 7:15 AM to 10:15 AM UTC a limited subset of customers using Cloud Services or Virtual Machines in North Europe may have encountered delays when attempting to provision new services. Any requests submitted during this time frame have now processed correctly. Existing services were unaffected by this incident.

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