25 percent success rate in azure this morning

25 percent success rate in azure this morning
9/25/2014 2:57:54 PM

Normally I don’t mind when something automated PERIODICALLY fails due to the underpinnings of the infrastructural world.  However, lately I have been banging my head on all things Azure.  Last night scripts that have been running amazingly for a long while stopped working.  I received the error “ConflictError: Windows Azure is currently performing an operation on this hosted service that requires exclusive access.”


This started last night around 8pm.  It lasted until at least 8:30 this morning.  EGAD.  Some warning please. 

But again – no real problem.  The scripts I am running spin up entire environments, install a clients software, and then run a suite of tests against them. So I started them up again this morning.  Figured I would start four new environments just in case there were still some issues.  Good thing!  I had a 25% pass rate this morning.  Only one of the environments completed successfully.  Same script I have been using for a very long time…and only one out of four worked.


Time to spin up another four!

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