Have me speak at your event!

There are many topics that I can whip up a presentation on. Just reach out to me and ask. With proper prep time nearly anything is possible!

Below you will find a list of presentations I have delivered before. If any of these are of interest to you for your event I can be ready at a moments notice!

Load testing with Visual Studio, Visual Studio Online, and Azure

In this presentation we will look at what web performance testing is and the various types of testing that can be performed. We will then dig into Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate to see that the Visual Studio platform is now a real contender in performance testing automation. And we will see how the Visual Studio integration with Visual Studio Online and Azure can take your web performance tests and spin up impressive load tests in a truly useful way.

Load testing with Visual Studio and Azure - Andrew Siemer from Andrew Siemer

Test driving Azure Search and DocumentDB

I cover the basics of setting up Microsoft Azure Search and DocumentDB in your Azure environment. Then we will see how to generate and load data into both. From there I will walk you through an example car listings web site that demonstrates a search first (Azure Search) navigation experience backed by a NOSQL (DocumentDB) data store. By the end of this talk you will walk away with a fair understanding of how to set up and configure Azure Search and DocumentDB for your applications. You will learn how to use faceted searches to deliver the best search results for your users. And you will learn how to include a NOSQL implementation into your application as well as when to choose it over a relational database.

Test driving Azure Search and DocumentDB from Andrew Siemer

A Tale of Two Clouds - A side by side comparison of Microsoft Azure and AWS

An Architectural feature comparison of the two most prevalent public clouds, Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services. This presentation will feature a side-by-side comparison of the features of Amazon Web services and Windows Azure covering categories such as: Deployment, Management and Automation, Compute, Storage, Messaging, Email, Networking, Security, Operating System & Data Transfer, Development Languages and Runtime Support

A tale of two clouds from Andrew Siemer

Comparing standard operations in Azure Search, Azure DocumentDb, and Azure SQL at scale

In this talk we will take a look at a standard web application hosted in Azure with a few different backing data stores. We will see how to wire up the common interactions (get one, get many, pagination, search, add, delete) as it pertains to each storage type. And then we will load up 1 million records see how each of the different configurations perform in those common scenarios.

Introduction to CQRS

In this talk I give a brief history of how CQRS came into being. A discussion around why not to do CQRS, what it isn't, and some myths around it. We also take a look at the difference between CQS and CQRS. And how DDD turned into DDDD which works well as CQRS. Then we will get into the details of what CQRS would look like.

Introduction to CQRS - command and query responsibility segregation from Andrew Siemer

(NServiceBus) Simplicity vs Performance - How to get both

I have seen NServiceBus in action in massive scale systems - they will show you the scars they have encountered in improperly implemented instances of NServiceBus and help prevent you from incurring such wounds from similar bad design choices.

Resume Scoring

In this talk I discuss the problem around all the technical resumes we see that our non-technical people have a hard time parsing as being the right kind technical or not. I had started to build an app to help with this problem (hosted on github) that essentially applies a score to a resume based on several sets of words for a given "theme". An example theme might be around "testing" to drive a score for how much knowledge the recruit has communicated around their testing experience. This is somewhat easy to test for as you might mention: TDD, Test Driven Development, NUnit, MBUnit, XUnit, MSTest, Integration testing, unit testing, functional testing, testing, etc. The next scenario this tool did was connect with the Resumator API (the recruiting tool we used) to pre-screen candidates based on this score and move them through the workflow in Resumator based on their outcome. Fun little talk!